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Bumper Stickers

The​se durable vinyl bumper stickers are about 4" x 9" with an adhesive back.  Use them on your car, truck, golf cart, boat, cooler, or places that are seen by others.  Buy some for your friends.  To remove, peel off as one piece and clean up with a residue remover (like Goo Gone, if needed).


These 3-inch round durable vinyl decals have weather resistant adhesive. (Fancy way of saying they are tough to get off.)  They are perfect for sticking to notebooks, coolers, or the back window of your truck.  They do come off fabric, so you can proudly wear it on a jacket or shirt and remove it later.

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs are great for events, rallies, parades, and peaceful protests.  The banners are outdoor vinyl with grommets in the corners.  The Rally Signs are printed on thick card stock.


Start a conversation wherever you go by wearing a quality embroidered hat or a heavy cotton T-shirt.

* Shirts and hats are printed and embroidered in the USA but on imported materials.

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